Transfiguratio is a graphic and soundscape installation exploring sound visualisations in a playful and interactive manner. This three-dimensional immersive medium takes the visitors to a broader sensory experience, where the the vision, audition and touch senses are interacting with each other.

Users are invited to translate and deconstruct their favourite songs into graphical compositions.

The visual language explores the endless possible combinations of the three basic graphical elements - reacting on the frequencies such as the circle for low frequencies, square for middle frequencies and the triangle for high frequencies. These generated compositions are live-projected on three different surfaces representing the different frequency levels (low, middle and high) of the chosen song. The interface of Transfiguratio is programmed with processing, which is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for coding within the context of the visual arts. For different music genres the interface generates completely unique graphic compositions, where the user can distinguish the classification of it’s origin.

Audiovisual Experience, Motiondesign, Processing




Arvid Jense