Atlas Electronic

Atlas Electronic (Marrakesh) is a young music, arts and culture festival that features a combination of international and local acts. It presents an eclectic mix of forward thinking electronic music, stunning art, live visuals and traditional local music, culture and food. Founded in 2016 by two Dutch – Moroccan entrepreneurs, it is the result of a long search and craving for more creative connectivity in an ever expanding, divided world.

My involvement with the third edition of Atlas Electronic (August, 2018), consisted of working on four nights of live projections for the main stage – a beautiful amphitheatre. In developing new custom content, I gotten inspired by Islamic architecture of the region with its strong geometrical visual language. This ideas were translated in series of 3D generated animations. An other goal was to extend the architecture of the amphitheatre with different perspective illusions.


Audiovisual Performance, Motion Design



Tim Buiting

Photo: Tim BuitingPhoto: Tim Buiting
Photo: Tim BuitingPhoto: Tim Buiting